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End-of-Semester Luncheon

The class decided on BCD Tofu House for lunch.  Wishing everyone a fun and safe holiday!!

 Some of the younger students

 The older students

 The other end of the table

 The other end of the other table

From Left to Right: Na, Trinh, Ha, and Hoa

From Left to Right: Tu, Tam, and Cham

 From Left to Right: Vivian, Linh, and classmate

 From Left to Right: Qui, Maryam, Cuc, and Bao

 From Left to Right: Hong, Suong, Hoa, Cam, and Nhung

 From Left to Right: Thanh, Hoa, Aileen Nguyen, and Qui

 From Left to Right: Hoa, Cam, Nhung, and Yen

 From Left to Right: Hieu, Hoa, Aileen Nguyen, and Thanh

From Left to Right: Cham, Thuan, Aileen Nguyen, and Dung
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